Keep on studying | Real-time lessons from The Academy of contemporary education A+

The Academy of Contemporary Education A + teachers invite all Ukrainian children who can join online!

Today, during the wartime in Ukraine, thousands of children hope to return to normal life as soon as possible.

That's why Academy A + has launched classes at ZOOM FOR EVERYONE!

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*Data were collected through a survey carried out during March 2022 among 60000 Keep on studying Telegram subscribers
  • Experience from a traditional Ukrainian school combining best international standards and practices
  • The different curricula standards and expertise complement each other perfectly
  • All project was launched by own resources and required no outside investment for basic development
  • Creates immediate benefits for Ukrainian children who has to flee because the Russian military invasion
  • Further development of the project requests additional functionality of app, calling in a lot of outsourced specialists so this became very sluggish so far due to lack of capital
  • All staff still employed on full-time and paid basis
  • High initial capital requirements necessary for further growth and even for maintenance project with such capacity (60000 students)


  • Previously non-existent offer a fully-virtual and synchronous learning (the class is held in real time) for all students who lost access to education (65% of students, who have joined the project do not attend any other school or other educational activities except our Keep on studying initiative)
  • So far unoccupied niche at all
  • Ministry of Education recognised initiative
  • Rapid market penetration appears possible due to a huge number of students who are not able to continue education in other ways not only inside the Ukraine but abroad too.
*Data were collected through a survey carried out during March 2022 among 60000 Keep on studying Telegram subscribers


  • Rather conservative, less digital clientele
  • Time lag in project development due to unpredictable hurdles and low capital - too rapid growth in the beginning (more than 7500 subscriptions per day) without organizational structures being able to grow with it.
  • Rapid growth which without immediate intervention can lead to poor quality
  • Some part of the project such as opening nursery school for in person studying totally influences on external environment and safety criteria
*Photos provided by Keep on studying teachers and students during March-April 2022


  • Both student and teacher are present at the same time
  • The class is held in real-time
  • Students can access materials at any time
  • The teacher doesn't gather students for a class at a particular time
*Here is presented typical schedule for the week for different ages.
We use Telegram channel and Facebook page for providing up-to-date schedule on weekly basis.
Our Partners
We went through multiple rounds of communication with our partners and built a detailed schedule,
SWOT analysis, created a Linkedin page so our project will be transparent to all global society.
We’re working with very experienced teachers in the educational industry that has created top-quality syllabuses for the National curriculum so students from 3 till 18 years old can continue their educational process without losses. We already have an existing technical team, teaching staff and partners to collaborate with the Keep on studying process.
The above videos and pictures shown on the campaign page are working on running the project. We strive to deliver the project in a timely manner with the highest quality.
Please feel free to shoot us an email if there is an inquiry.

Expenses structure

5% Subscriptions and additional resources:
  • 4% Zoom premium accounts for 1K+ sessions
  • 1% E-books and additional resources subscriptions

60% Salary:
  • 40% Teachers salary
  • 5% SMM
  • 2% Computer Designer
  • 5% Administrators team
  • 8% Technical support team (2 people)
  • Back-office administrative expenses

15% Creating Teacher’s workplace expenses
10% Nursery schools in person expenses
5% Nondurable goods include fast-moving consumer goods
4% Utilities
1% Travel expenses

How can you contribute?

All young people in Ukraine and even the youngest children show us everyday their commitment in these most difficult times and we encourage everyone who can support Ukraine in all possible ways.

Together, we can protect children in this crisis.

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Reheneratorna street 4v, Kyiv, Ukraine

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